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True or False Trivia Quiz

Desarrollador PraiaDev

True or False is a game of questions and answers Quiz style where the player must answer only if the statement is true or false.How To Play=========When the game starts the user is taken directly to the main menu of the game. To start playing simply tap the "Play" button.To play just click on the play button (green).
Select a level of the screen displayed after clicking the play button (green).After that the game screen opens and the questions are displayed on the screen at random. There are several categories of questions depending on the chosen level as science, television, general knowledge, music, history, geography, etc.
The questions have two answer options: true or false. If you think the statement is true, click the green button. If you think it is false, click the red button.
The result is displayed on your device screen. The calculation of the score is very simple: the number of points equal to the rest of question time. Therefore, the faster answer, the more points you earn.
Each question has one minute to be answered. If the time runs out, another question is selected and no points are earned. The game ends after 20 questions. After that the final score is displayed.After the game ends, you can restart the game by clicking the green button (the middle) and try to improve the score.To exit, click the exit button (red on the left).
ATTENTION=========The game is integrated with Play Games, which lets you compare your score with your friends and others in the ranking. The first time you open the game it attempts to connect to Play Games and will need to sign in with your Google account.
After selecting the account, the game will automatically connect to the account and will save the scores. Whenever a higher score is performed, the score will be updated. To see the score, click the button on the menu screen.